Capital Project 2018

Spencerport Proposition # 2: Capital Project 2018

Total: $12,385,000, ensures reimbursement of state aid

Use of Reserves: $3 million to offset taxpayer portion of the project;

Spencerport facilitated a series of meetings last fall to review the district’s 2015 building condition survey, identify remaining work to be done, and prioritize those projects based on necessity and qualifying for state aid.

More than 45 parents, residents and staff members volunteered on the Facilities Task Force, whose work and feedback served to inform the proposed 2018 Capital Improvement Project.

The project will be up for community vote on May 15 and totals $12,385,000. This amount ensures the reimbursement of state aid and utilizes $3 million from the district’s capital reserve fund to offset the taxpayer portion of the project. The project proposes improvements and renovations across the district, including:

Spencerport High School
• Pavement improvements of most sidewalks, rear parking lot, bus loop, and access road
• Resurfacing of tennis courts
• Upgrade site lighting in student parking lot and around facility*
• Security camera installations*
• Library renovations
• Carpet replacement of various rooms

Cosgrove Middle School
• New fire doors and hardware installation*
• Exterior wall repairs and repainting
• Replace master clock system
• Turf replacement at the Ranger Stadium field plus signage
• Pavement improvements of sidewalks, bus loop, and a parking lot
• Gymnasium floor replacement (original gym)
• Provide ADA accessibility at south and southwest entrances

Bernabi Elementary School
• Reconstruction of parking lot
• New public announcement (PA) system*
• Auditoria acoustical improvements
• Corridor ventilation improvements

Canal View Elementary School
• New intercom system*
• Redesign of the bus loop and repaving of a parking lot
• Reconstruction of sidewalks and an access drive (Ranger Road) from Bernabi ES to Cosgrove MS
• Exterior wall repairs
• Repairs of water damage from roof leaks

Munn Elementary School
• Parking lot expansion
• Water service repairs
• Reconstruction of the bus loop, parking lot, and sidewalks
• Renovations of classrooms in east wing

Taylor Elementary School
• Masonry restoration
• Floor slab and tile repairs
• Classroom cabinet and sink replacements
• Replace classroom UVs

Administration Building
• No site work
• Repairs of eroded concrete column base in the basement
• Replacement of floors and exterior doors*

Bus Facility
• Reconstruction of a parking lot
• Window replacement*
• Door replacement*

Our sincerest appreciation to the volunteers on the 2017-18 Facilities Task Force. Our sincerest appreciation to:

Alton Deaton
Brian Cranmer
Brian Smith
Carol Robinson
Chuck Bastian
Clianda Yarde
Cory Allen
Daniel Milgate
Danielle Blossom
David Caiazza
Ed Czarnecki
Frank Johnson
Gary Bracken
Gary Miner
Glynne Schultz
Gretchen Breon
Janelle Young
Jeanie Conrad
Jeffrey Anderson
John Pelin
Jonathan Saltzberg
Judy DeAngelis
Julie Churnetski
Katherine Mueller         
Kevin Donaghue
Kristin Daly
Lanette Cypher
Laura Gannon
Laurie Scutella
Marci Snider
Michael Canny
Michael Miceli
Monica Macaluso
Ned Dale
Nelson Drake
Rebecca DiNatale
Rick Wood
Ron White
Sean McCabe
Tanya Silivestro
Tim Skrypnik
Ty Zinkiewich
Vicki Larsen
William Gretzinger
Medea Bonny
David Gibbardo
Ken Birkbeck
Michael Skill