Special Education

Spencerport is committed to identifying and evaluating all students with disabilities (ages 3 yrs. to 21 yrs.) in the District who may need support services to ensure their success in the educational program. Spencerport strives to provide appropriate educational programs and services to meet the needs of all students.

Federal and State regulations additionally prescribe procedures to be followed with students who have disabilities. Even without laws mandating these programs, the school district recognizes its responsibility to reach out to students who have special needs.

Special education services are provided under the direction of the Director of Special Education. Before students are classified, Response to Intervention Teams or Instructional Support Teams (IST) ensure that all general education resources are utilized. The teams collect data and consider all findings to support referrals to the Committee on Special Education.

The district is also responsible for coordinating evaluations and services for preschool students suspected of having a disability.

To obtain assistance in understanding the special education process and your rights as a parent of a student with a disability, call 349-5140.

Contact Information:

Deserie Richmond
Director of Special Education

Anna Sapienza
Coordinator of Special Education

Andrea Pascuzzi
Coordinator of Special Education

Lisa Nielson
Administrative Assistant

Donna Bianchi
Administrative Assistant

Sandra Bernhart
Administrative Assistant
Fax: 349-5040

Procedural Safeguards Notice (PDF -152 KB)

Special Education in New York State for Children Ages 3-21 A Parent’s Guide



Mrs. Deserie Richmond,
Director of Special Education

Mrs. Anna Sapienza,
Coordinator of Special Education

Mrs. Andrea Pascuzzi,
Coordinator of Special Education