2018-19 Budget Section

Thank you to our community of voters, who overwhelmingly approved the bThank you votersudget for 2018-19 and the proposed Capital Project 2018:

  • Proposition 1: the $81.1 million budget and use of $150,000 of reserve funds for classroom equipment: 867 in favor (83%) and 179 opposed
  • Proposition 2: capital project 2018 totaling $12,385,000 and use of $3 million of reserve funds to offset taxpayer portion: 853 in favor (82%) and 188 opposed
  • Two seats on the Board of Education were up for election with three candidates. The two with the highest votes won seats on the board, and they were: Kevin Hutton (717 votes) and Michael Miceli (689 votes). Randal Weaver received 420 votes.

The budget and propositions represent a 0 % tax rate increase at $24.33/$1,000 of assessed property value. The actual tax rate will be set by the Board of Education in the summer.