Superintendent Message: April 2018

The Spencerport Central School District joins communities and school districts across the nation in the conversations about school safety. I am proud of our staff, schools and parents, who have worked diligently to ensure consistency in our security practices and continued to reinforce safety training and drills. In a number of conversations with parents, it has been important to inform and share key protocols we have in place, and parents have expressed a sense of reassurance in knowing these protocols so we thought it may be helpful to provide an overview in this edition of Cornerstone as well. 

We have also had some great conversations over the last month with staff, faculty, law enforcement officials and our administrative team with respect to school security and a safe school environment. Many of these discussions have confirmed our effectiveness in processes, systems, and equipment; however, there is always room to improve and refine our efforts. 

To that end, this edition of the Cornerstone contains: 

  •  a summary for our parents and community on our established security practices and initiatives; 
  • the annual safety reminders we provide to staff; 
  • ways we have invested in safety and security through our budget and capital improvement projects; 
  • helpful resources for parents and/or reporting concerns and; 
  • ways our parents and community can help. 

Previously we have mentioned - and it’s worth noting again - our invaluable partnerships with the Ogden Police Department and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) to continuously examine ways to build upon our efforts to make our schools as safe as possible. One recent outcome of these reviews will be a routine presence of sheriff deputies and OPD officers. We hope that this presence will continue to:

  • reassure students and staff, 
  • serve as an opportunity for the authorities to familiarize themselves with the buildings beyond the blueprints, and 
  • build rapport with our students, families and staff to focus on prevention and support. 
Please understand that just as airports, government agencies, or other public venues do not communicate their entire security plans, there will be emergency processes and components for our district and police use-only. This protects the integrity of our system and ensures that our plans cannot be used against us. 

Future updates will be communicated as available and appropriate. In the meantime, please continue to share your questions and feedback with us at



Dan Milgate
Superintendent of Schools