Water Quality Testing

The Spencerport Facilities Department received the final water quality test results, confirming that all devices are under the EPA recommended levels of lead. Please find this report in its entirety under related files below.

Update, Feb. 2017:
Water retest information
The Spencerport facilities department recently conducted a re-test of water quality in our buildings and schools to confirm a larger and more comprehensive sample for the health and safety of students and staff. 
Two-thirds of these samples resulted in devices and water quality under the EPA recommended levels of lead. Specifically, tests confirmed that Canal View and Bernabi Elementary Schools continue to be under EPA levels. Preliminary findings at Taylor and Munn Elementary Schools, however, require further re-testing to ensure accuracy after 26 devices at Munn and 5 devices at Taylor tested higher than recommended. Further tests on these specific devices need to be conducted since many of these same faucets and supply lines had been reported and replaced last spring.  In the meantime, please be assured all of the devices in question have been deactivated.
Finally, we anticipate the tests results from Cosgrove Middle School and Spencerport High School in the next few weeks and will update our school community once those findings are available.

lead testing in school drinking water - updated 2-14-17.docx