2018-19 Budget Section

August update:

The Board of Education adopted a revised tax levy during its meeting on Aug. 7, after the town of Parma assessor reported a decrease in their telecommunications assessments by New York State. 

The Board decided to amend the tax levy in order to insulate property owners from an increase in the tax rate. The district will apply an additional $2,861 of appropriated fund balance to offset the difference. The revised tax levy for 2018-19 now totals $37,296,955.

The final tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value is: 

Ogden $23.68 
Gates $23.68 
Greece $23.68 
Parma $23.68

Thank you to our community of voters, who overwhelmingly approved the bThank you votersudget for 2018-19 and the proposed Capital Project 2018:

  • Proposition 1: the $81.1 million budget and use of $150,000 of reserve funds for classroom equipment: 867 in favor (83%) and 179 opposed
  • Proposition 2: capital project 2018 totaling $12,385,000 and use of $3 million of reserve funds to offset taxpayer portion: 853 in favor (82%) and 188 opposed
  • Two seats on the Board of Education were up for election with three candidates. The two with the highest votes won seats on the board, and they were: Kevin Hutton (717 votes) and Michael Miceli (689 votes). Randal Weaver received 420 votes.