Budget Focus Group

The community Budget Focus Group members volunteered their time and feedback throughout the development of the 2019-20 budget.

This group, consisting of parents, staff, residents, students, and civic leaders, asked great questions, offered feedback, and provided suggestions. Our sincerest thanks to:

Cory Allen
Rob Allen
Gary Bracken
Scott Clyde
Lanette Cypher
Joe DiTucci
Nelson Drake
Christopher Ferrari

Jody Gillette
Greg Kincaid
Gay Lenhard
Jamie Lissow
Mike Mayer
Chris Mears
Dan Milgate
Carol Nellis-Ewell
Gary Penders
Ellen Robillard
Corynna Rotoli
Jonathan Saltzberg
Dan Stocker
Kevin Thornton
Rick Wood
Ty Zinkiewich
Karen Zyra