Dignity Act

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The Spencerport Central Schools are committed to providing all students with a safe learning environment that is free from bullying and cyber bullying. The commitment is an integral part of our comprehensive efforts to:

  • promote learning and positive student conduct, and
  • prevent and eliminate all forms of bullying and other harmful and disruptive behavior that can impede the learning process.

The district will take specific steps to create a safe and, supportive environment for vulnerable populations in the school community. We will provide all students with the skills, knowledge, and strategies to identify, prevent, report, and respond to bullying, harassment, or retaliation.

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Dignity Act

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Dignity Act Coordinators

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Cell Phone Reminders

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Confidential tipline

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SCSD Incident Report form (PDF -163 KB)

Code of Conduct, comprehensive policy (PDF - 170 KB)

NYS Dignity Act