Superintendent Message: County School Safety Forum

February 27, 2018

I wanted to send out a brief update to let you know that our students have done an amazing job with returning from break.  

Last night, a team of Spencerport administrators, staff, and school board members attended the county-wide forum at Irondequoit High School to focus on School Safety.  It was reassuring to hear that our safety plans and procedures are consistent with other districts. Spencerport parents and Ogden Police Chief Chris Mears were also present last night, as well as Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter, who also served on the panel.  

All school districts are committed to securing a safe learning environment, and Spencerport will continue to enhance our programs and initiatives. The key theme to last night reinforced the relationships between students and staff, parents and staff, as well as the community partnerships with law enforcement and other agencies. 
As the tragedy in Florida continues to bring school safety to the forefront of our minds, please be assured that we conduct mandatory lockout, hold-in-place, and lockdown drills, which are defined as follows:

  • lockout allows instruction to continue, and students are permitted to pass in the hallways, however no one enters the building.  
  • Hold-in-place or shelter in place also allows instruction to continue, however students remain in their classrooms with the hallways clear.  
  • Finally, a full lockdown requires students to sit on the floor, out of view from the door or window. During this time, students and staff do not answer their doors.  In the event of a real emergency, rooms would be cleared by emergency personnel, responders, or members of the administrative team.   
Parents and community members can support our security efforts by:
  • encouraging your students to never let an adult into the school from exterior doors; instead, seek a staff member or the greeter’s desk to assist visitors; 
  • Always identify yourself and your purpose of visit through our buzz-in system; 
  • Never hold the door for a person behind you in order for our greeters to screen all visitors;
  • If you hear of a concern, please contact one of our school administrators, security staff, the confidential tipline at 1-877-474-9403, or 911. 
Thank you for your ongoing support.

Dan Milgate
Superintendent of Schools