Superintendent Message, Winter 2018

A colleague recently expressed she thought I had been superintendent for longer than my now 7 months. A compliment to the district community in many ways, since it’s the ongoing support of administrators, staff, colleagues, families and the board of education that has made this such a smooth transition.
Superintendent Dan Milgate and Lincoln Vega
My experiences so far as superintendent only reaffirm what I’ve known for the last 20 years working in this district, and that is, SCS is the Best. It’s been a priority of mine to regularly tour the schools, visit classrooms, and attend as many concerts, sporting events, and extra-curricular activities as I can, and without question, we have confident administrators, teachers and learners. We are all committed to ensuring a quality education for our students that will equip them with the knowledge and skills to pursue their future paths. An important aspect of fostering this growth is having confidence within.

In the winter edition of Cornerstone, we highlighted fifth grader, Lincoln Vega, who lobbied for a snow day. I have to admire Lincoln’s self-assurance, and truly hope he strives to grow as a confident learner, with a willingness to take chances and push himself to succeed. Good job, Lincoln! We have so many examples of staff and students who are making a difference in our schools and community, and it is a priority for me to encourage and recognize these efforts.

I would also like to report that we have begun the budget development process for the 2018-19 school year. The community Budget Focus Group met on Jan. 23, and we look forward to obtaining their feedback as the process unfolds. We truly are appreciative for the time and perspectives of the BFG, which consists of community residents, parents, staff and civic leaders. It is too early in the process to forecast the major influences on this year’s budget; however we will certainly keep you updated as we make our progress.

In closing, I would like to thank the countless partners and volunteers that team up with our district. The performing arts, athletics, Robotics, multiple clubs, and school initiatives are made possible through community support and dedicated volunteers.

We will begin to highlight our partners and volunteers in upcoming editions, which I look forward to showing our appreciation and recognition.

Dan Milgate
Superintendent of Schools