Buffalo Business Ranking

Spencerport achieved its highest ranking to date: 9 out of 67 area districts

Buffalo Business First released their annual school rankings and the results are outlined below with Spencerport receiving its highest honor to date. 

The principle is the same, with districts being evaluated on four years of test data obtained from the New York State Education Department. The rankings reflect the overall performance of all public schools within any given district, based on test results from third grade through the senior year of high school.

Thank you for the unwavering support that you have provided our students, staff, and learning community to make this possible.   


2019 School District Overall Rankings: 

District Ranking

Elem. Rankings
No other west side school was higher than Bernabi or Taylor.

Middle School Ranking

No other west side school was higher than Cosgrove.

 HS Ranking

No other west side school was higher than Spencerport.