Facility services provided

 Services Provided:
  • Cleaning and Building Operations
  • Gym and Athletic Events Setups
  • Grass, Gardens and Tree Care
  • Snow Plowing and Salting
  • Pavement Repairs and Paint Striping
  • Athletic Field Sport Lining and Setups
  • Equipment and Furniture Moving
  • Building Renovation and Repairs
  • Equipment Repairs
  • Automated and Programmable Energy Management Systems
  • Construction and Contractor Management
  • Fire, Structural, Playground, Insurance and other Inspections
  • Night and Weekend Security
  • Theatre, Arts and Music Program Setups
  • Courier and Mail Service
  • Food Delivery and Warehousing
  • Telephone Operations
  • Engineering Solution
  • Emergency Management
  • Community User Groups, Facilities Usage and Setups
Utilities Support:
  • Natural Gas or Oil Heating Fuels
  • Electric Power and Emergency Power Systems
  • Water and Fire Hydrant Service
  • Sewer and Pumping Stations
  • Refuse Collection and Recycling
  • Long Distance and Local Telephone Services
  • Storm water and Drainage Systems
  • Security, Fire and Alarm Monitoring Services
Interesting Facts:
  • Number of Major Buildings: 8
  • Total Square Feet of Floor Space: 630,978
  • Total Acres Under Managed Care: 211
  • Total Miles of Pavement (expressed in single lane roadway): 12