NYSED cancelled Regents

NYSED has cancelled the June 2020 administration of the NYS High School Regents Examination Program in response to the statewide closures of schools and districts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Below is who the exemption applies to:

• Grades 8-12 students currently enrolled in a course that will culminate in a Regents who will earn course credit by the end of 2019-20 school year.

 Grades 8-12 students who are not currently enrolled in a course that will culminate in a Regents, but were in the past and have already earned course credit and intended to take the Exam in June 2020. Student intention could be determined based on presence of at least one circumstance below:

   o the student informed the school that s/he wished to retake the examination; or 
   o the student was receiving academic intervention, supplemental instruction or tutoring of some kind in preparation to take the examination; or 
   o the student took the examination in June 2019, August 2019, or January 2020 in an attempt to pass or better his/her score.

 Grades 8-12 students currently enrolled in a course that will culminate in a Regents who will not earn course credit by the end of 2019-20 school year – will need to attend summer school in 2020 to earn course credit, they will then be exempt from the culminating Regents exam it is administered in August 2020.

 Grade 7 students currently enrolled in a course of study leading to a Regents Examination, and has met the standards assessed in the provided course work.

 Any student who will have earned 3 course credits by end of school year 2019-20 in LOTE, who was intending on taking the LOTE Checkpoint B Exam in June 2020 for an Advanced Regents Diploma.

    o If the principal in consultation with relevant faculty determines that the student has met the standards assessed in the provided coursework leading to the Checkpoint A LOTE exam, the district may choose to waive the exam requirement and grant the student their first unit of diploma credit in LOTE.

 Any student preparing to take a +1 Pathways Assessment in June 2020 will be exempt if:

    o Currently or previously enrolled in the course that leads to the pathway exam and will or has already earned course credit, or
    o The student is currently or was previously identified as an English Language Learner whose home language is one of the languages that is tested by the NYSED-approved Languages Other Than English (LOTE) +1 Pathway Assessments (Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, or Spanish),
    o Student intending to use the ASL +1 Pathway

 Any student exiting high school in June 2020 who is unable to meet the requirements of the CDOS Commencement Credential or the CDOS +1 Pathway who has demonstrated proficiency of the CDOS learning standards to be exempt they will be:

    o Granted a waiver from the completion of the 216 hours of CTE Instruction and/or
    o Granted a waiver of the 54 hours of work-based learning requirement and/or
    o Granted a waiver from any other NYSED approved exam that may have been being used to achieve the CDOS +1 Pathway

 Students with a disability will have access to the compensatory safety net option where a 65 or above on one exam can compensate for a 45-54 on another exam. An exempted Regents Exam can NOT be used to compensate a lower Regents exam score (45-54 on science and social studies Regents exams only) using the compensatory safety net option.


Spencerport Central School District
A joint team from District Office, Cosgrove Middle School and Spencerport High School currently are working on a plan should school be closed for the remainder of the year. This plan includes identifying a grading system for the fourth quarter and an overall final grade. Details will be provided once available.