Budget Focus Group 2020

The community Budget Focus Group members met four times this year, due to the COVID-19 school closure. Nevertheless, members volunteered their time and provided invaluable feedback at the beginning of the 2020-21 budget development.

This group, consisting of parents, staff, residents, students, and civic leaders, asked great questions, offered feedback, and provided suggestions. Our sincerest thanks to:

Cory Allen
Lanette Cypher
Joe DiTucci
Nelson Drake
Brianne Eason
Oriana Gelfuso
Kevin Hutton
Denis Johnson
Greg Kincaid
Gay Lenhard
Sue Lippa-Chatterton
Jamie Lissow
Mike Mayer
Kimberly McLaren
Chris Mears
Dan Milgate
Carol Nellis-Ewell
Gary Penders
Corynna Rotoli
Jonathan Saltzberg
Dan Stocker
Kevin Thornton
Rick Wood
Ty Zinkiewich
Karen Zyra