Reopening Task Force

A district task force has been established to work on plans and scenarios for the re-opening of schools.This advisory group will ultimately offer its recommendations to the superintendent and his leadership team as part of the overall considerations for re-entry, including NYS mandates and directives, and health and safety guidelines. 

Specifically, the task force will work to:

• monitor the updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic;

• ensure compliance with the directives from New York State and local health and government agencies;

• institute procedures for summer staff to return to work in limited phases;

• survey our families on their experiences with distance learning last spring;

• encourage our families to participate in a statewide forum on the pandemic;

• advise on summer usage of our campus buildings, fields, and facilities based on health and safety guidelines, as well as capabilities to reinforce directives;

• engage key stakeholders, including students and parents, to serve on the task force;

• plan for multiple scenarios on re-opening, including
1. a full return - in-person instruction
2. a hybrid return - combination of in-person/at-home learning
3. a distance return - at-home learning model

• prepare for instructional and operational needs within each of the above scenarios; and

• make an advisory to the superintendent for consideration on the re-opening schools to the Spencerport leadership.

Thank you to the following members of our task force.

Task Force Members

Cabinet and Task Force Leaders:

Dan Milgate
Ty Zinkiewich*
Jamie Lissow
Rick Wood
Jonathan Saltzberg*
Cory Allen*

Asst. superintendent for instruction
Asst. superintendent for human resources
Asst. superintendent for business
Exec. director for operations & special projects
Chief information officer (technology)
 * Task Force Co-Chairs  

Board of Education

Greg Kincaid
Gary Bracken
David Gibbardo
Vice president

High School
Sean McCabe
Jessica Silsby
Amy Gillett
Sophia Buono
JamieLynn Gallagher
Zahra Ghazle
Nyachap Tuach
Renee Cleare
Asst. principal
Student representative
Student representative
Student representative
Student representative
Parent representative

Teacher/Staff Unit Representatives
Mary Jean McQuilkin
Janet Gaylord
Joseph DiTucci
Sue Chatterton
Michelle McLaren
Jackie Nentarz
Emmy Thevanesan
Cheryl Eberts
Ellen Borraccia

Spencerport Office Personnel Association
Spencerport Paraprofessional Association
Spencerport Teachers Association
Spencerport Teachers Association
Spencerport Teachers Association
Spencerport Teachers Association
Spencerport Teachers Association
Spencerport Teaching Assistants
Spencerport Teaching Assistants

James Centola
Tracey D’Alonzo
Jackquelyn Woodard
Janelle Young
Asst. principal
Parent representative 

Elementary Schools
David Caiazza
Trisha Buscemi
Jeanne Pacitto
Denise Lemcke
Jessica Wiedenhofer
Michael Canny
Megan Ingram
Telcie Pincelli
Megan Sarkis

Bernabi parent rep
Canal View parent rep
Munn parent rep
Taylor parent rep

District Office
Christina Bowerman
Stephanie Botelho
Julie Churnetski
Lanette Cypher
Nelson Drake
Erin Hassall
Lisa McCarthy
Gary Miner
Tim O'Connor
Kristen Paolini
Andrea Pascuzzi
Jennifer Placito

Community programs coordinator
Nurse coordinator

Director of transportation
Communication specialist
Director of facilities
Family Support Center manager

Director of professional learning
Director of food service
Director of student services
Director of curriculum
Director of special education
Director of athletics

Advisory Task Force for Instruction

Advisory Task Force for Operations