Helpful Resources: CDC, NYS & Monroe County

For more information about COVID-19, including state and federal guidance, as well as specific information on symptoms, transmission, prevention and treatment, you can visit:

New York Forward: State guide to reopening

Federal Government Resources:
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  » What you need to know: symptoms
  » Cases in the United States
  » Helping communities respond (childcare, schools and youth)
  » Face coverings and protecting yourself

  » Daily Life and Going Out

Parent Resources

For Parents

Managing stress and anxiety

Fact sheets from COVID-19 Health Literacy Project with Harvard Health Publishing.

  »  About COVID -19

  »  Preventing the spread of COVID-19

  »  Talking about COVID-19, ages 3-6

  »  Talking about COVID-19, ages 6-12

  »  Talking about COVID-19, ages 13-18

More resources:

  »  Just for Kids: a comic exploring COVID-19 (NPR)

  »  Talking to children about COVID-19
Resources from local and state health agencies:
» Monroe County Health Department
» NYS Health Department
» Sign up for NYS COVID-19 Updates
» Novel Coronavirus Hotline:
   (888) 364-3065