Action steps when COVID-19 cases are reported

Any notifications we receive from the MCDPH will be sent via email to our staff and families, then posted to our website as quickly as possible. Please be sure your contact information is up to date with your school’s main office.

Below please find a few Frequently Asked Questions provided by the MCDPH to inform our families of the action steps taken when COVID-19 positive cases are reported.

School and MCDPH coordination for contact tracing

When and how should schools and health care providers report a positive COVID-19 case to the MCDPH?

Schools and health care providers must immediately notify the MCDPH when they become aware of a student, faculty member, staff or visitor who tests positive for COVID-19. Call the Monroe County COVID-19 Hotline at (585) 753-5555 and leave both a daytime and evening phone number. This line is available 24/7 and a MCDPH staff member will return your call.


What happens after a school or health care provider reports a positive COVID-19 case to the Monroe County COVID-19 Hotline?

The school will develop and implement an immediate action plan with support from the MCDPH. This could include closing a classroom, school building or district for 24 hours. The school will communicate its plan to its families, faculty and staff. MCDPH will begin contact tracing.


How will families know if there is a positive COVID-19 case in their school district?

The school district will alert families, faculty and staff and the MCDPH will issue a media advisory to the general public. Individuals who were exposed to a lab-confirmed COVID-19 positive case will receive a phone call from the MCDPH Contact Tracing Team and will receive further instructions at that time.


What happens if a student or teacher in my child’s classroom tests positive for COVID19?

With support from MCDPH, your school will provide instructions. MCDPH will likely recommend your school close the classroom for at least 24 hours. Being in the same classroom does not necessarily mean your student was exposed to COVID-19, so you might not get a call from our Contact Tracing Team. If you are worried, you should discuss your concerns with your primary care physician.


What is the most important thing for families to remember?

Check on your child’s health every morning. Take a temperature reading and look for symptoms of illness before your child leaves for school. Do not send a child who has a fever or who is feeling ill to school. Period. Consult with your health care provider regarding any signs of illness.