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2021-22 budget passes and two board members elected

We want to thank you, our community of voters for the approval of the 2021-22 school budget, proposition 2, and election of two board candidates.
Budget vote results
A total of 1,572 Spencerport School District residents voted this year, with the following results:

  • Proposition 1: the 2021-22 budget of $87,434,885: 987 in favor (64%) and 566 opposed (36%).
  •  Proposition 2: use of reserves to offset the purchase of a lift truck in the amount of $131,500; 1,130 in favor (73%) and 414 opposed (27%).
  • The two candidates elected to the Board of Education for three-year terms were:
  • Leah Brown (818) and
  • Kevin Hutton (749).

The unsuccessful candidates received votes as follows:

  • Randy Weaver (545),
  • Sandro Belpanno (430) and
  • Michael Mayer (405). 
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