Extended COVID Response Team

The Spencerport Central School District established an Extended COVID Response Team prior to the 2020-21 school year to work collaboratively in developing plans in response to the pandemic. Specifically, the advisory committee, which is made up of parents, students, teachers, staff, administrators and board members, meets regularly to:

  • remain informed on the latest health and safety guidelines from the Center for Disease Control, New York state, and Monroe County as it relates to public schools, pre-K to 12th grade;
  • review updates and changes to the guidance;
  • offer stakeholder input on the district's return-to-school or reopening plans; and
  • discuss and recommend action items for the district's consideration.
We'd like to extend our appreciation to the following members serving on the Extended COVID Response Team:


Matthew Barczys
Trisha Buscemi
Renee Cleare
Megan Ingram
Tony Pisa (also a rep for community user groups)
Megan Sarkis
Kevin Thornton
Janelle Young
Jessica Wiedenhofer
  Board members:

Gary Bracken 
David Gibbardo
Greg Kincaid, vp
Lori Stone

Sophia Buono
Jamielynn Gallagher
Zahra'a H. Ghazle
Nyachap Tuach

District cabinet team:

Kristin Swann, Supt.
Jamie Lissow, Asst Supt for HR
Rick Wood, Asst Supt for Business
Ty Zinkiewich, Asst Supt for Instruction

Directors and coordinators:

Danielle Adam
Cory Allen
Christina Bowerman
Julie Churnetski
Lanette Cypher
Nelson Drake
Gary Miner
Timothy O'Connor
Kristen Paolini
Andrea Pascuzzi
Jennifer Placito
Jonathan Saltzberg
Michael Sorbera
  Principals, faculty and staff:

Ellen Borraccia
Christina Buckner
David Caiazza
Michael Canny
James Centola
Sue Chatterton
Nick Corrigan
Tracey D'Alonzo
Joseph DiTucci
Cheryl Ebertz
Janet Gaylord
Amy Gillett
Julie Gilliard
Brandon Gurnsey
Cindy Hare
Erin Hassall
Dawn Hoadley
Rita Jolly
Denise Lemcke
Sean McCabe
Michelle McLaren
MaryJean McQuilkin
Jeanne Pacitto
Telcie Pincelli
Cynthia Ridd
David Russell
Jessica Silsby
Emmy Thevanesan
Jackquelyn Woodard

COVID Team Documents