Social Emotional Support and Resources

Each student has been uniquely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and we understand each student will have differing needs for support. The partnership between home and school has never been more critical, and we encourage our families to stay connected with us to strengthen the support for students.

Resources related to mental health services and support are provided below, and if you need additional help, please contact your student's teacher, counselor, principal, health care provider or the Family Support Center.

 • NEW! Take time for self care with Virtual Calming Room:
  Link to Virtual Calming Room
 • SCSD Family Support Center
 • NY Project Hope: Preparing children for the new school year
 • NY Project Hope website: coping with COVID

NY Project Hope website
 • 2021-22 district calendar with tips and resources on programs, supports and initiatives around Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in Spencerport and beyond.