2022-23 Budget Section

2022 Budget Section

  Thank you, SCSD voters!  

We want to thank you, our community of voters, for approving the 2022-23 school budget, and election of three board candidates.

A total of 1,342 Spencerport School District residents voted this year, with the following results:

  bullet  Proposition 1: the 2022-23 budget of $88,042,080: 865 in favor (65.3%) and 459 opposed (34.7%).
The three candidates elected to the Board of Education were:
   bullet Megan Sarkis (825)
   bullet Gary Bracken (811)
   bullet Michael Miceli (721)

As the third-highest vote-getter, Miceli will fill the remaining term (two years and 40 days) that was vacated by Kevin Hutton. The other two candidates received votes as follows: Christopher Spallina (602) Michael Mayer (469).

“I want to thank the Spencerport community for approving the 2022-23 budget,” Superintendent Kristin Swann said. “We know that strong schools create strong communities, and we appreciate the community’s trust and ongoing partnership. We have an amazing faculty and staff, a vibrant and talented student body, and extremely supportive School Board and community. We are very fortunate!”
Welcome to the budget section of our website. This year's vote will take place from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at our District Office building, 71 Lyell Ave.

Please be sure to keep checking back as more information becomes available. 

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Budget Focus Group 2022
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