Spencerport Instructional Team

The Spencerport Instructional Team is a resource for the district to provide support for the integration of technology and enrichment into the curriculum, including co-teaching, co-planning, and trainings. Members of SIT also work with the Office of Professional Development to develop courses for teachers to give support as they further advance students in their learning. Please view our newsletters below to see what SIT is doing in Spencerport!


Enrichment and Instructional Technology Specialists Contact:
As pictured in group photo above, left to right

Elizabeth Roth (Info Tech & Tech TOSA, Cosgrove)
John Thering (Enrichment Specialist, Canal View)
Amy Crumb (Enrichment Specialist, Taylor)
Elizabeth Gurz (Enrichment Specialist, Bernabi)

Steve Schultz (Enrichment Specialist, Munn)
Rich Colosi (K-12 BOCES Instructional Technology Specialist)


Winter 2018