Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee facilitates the design of the yearly Staff Development Plan for the district. The committee has met three to four times each year since 1999. Each year a plan is written based upon input from the school community, analysis of student work and assessments, and District goals. The plan is used to guide the organization of the program.

The membership is as follows:

Cory Allen - Chief Information Officer

Jennifer Bulmanh
- Teacher at Wilson High School

Kate Czarnecki - Board of Education Representative

Rich Colosi - BOCES IT

Amy Crumb -
Enrichment Specialist

Joe & Jen Chesebro - Brockport College and Community Representative

Judy DeAngelis
 - Teacher Assistant

David Gibbardo -
Board of Education Representative

Patty Grosodonia- Teacher at Bernabi Elementary

Elizabeth Gurz - Enrichment Specialist

Malena Guadagnino - Teacher at High School

Kevin Hutton - Board of Education Representative

Christine Kincaid - Teacher at Bernabi Elementary

Elissa Kingsbury - 
Teacher on Special Assignment

Michelle Marasco -
Teacher at Cosgrove

Lisa McCarthy - Director of Learning and Professional Development and Chair of Committee

Michelle McLaren - Teacher at Cosgrove

Daniel Milgate- Superintendent of Schools

Morgan Montagno - Teacher at Bernabi Elementary

Katherine Mueller - Teacher at Munn Elementary

Timothy O'Connor - Director of Student Information Services

Kristen Paolini- Director of Curriculum

Andrea Pascuzzi - Director of Special Education

Carol Robinson - Principal of Canal View Elementary 

Elizabeth Roth - Teacher at Cosgrove

Steve Schultz - Enrichment Specialist

John Thering - Enrichment Specialist

Ty Zinkiewich - Assistant Superintendent of Instruction

This team, under the leadership of the Director of Learning an Professional Development and the Director of Special Education, monitors the implementation of the staff development plan for the year.

A report on programs for each school year is compiled and presented to the Board of Education in June.

Professional Development Plan with Implementation