Budget Expenditure Plan

Spencerport adopts 2020-21 budget
Vote via absentee ballot by June 9

The Spencerport Board of Education unanimously approved the 2020-21 budget proposal on May 12, which totals $84,539,080 million and projects a 2.47% budget-to-budget increase.

The expenditure plan, which the community will vote upon via absentee ballot only by June 9, includes a:

• projected tax rate* of $24.26 per $1,000 of assessed home value, which is an approximate $25.20 increase from last year, depending on the town.

• tax levy of $39.2 million, which is $573 less than the maximum allowable tax levy with exclusions.

The community budget vote on the 2020-21 proposal will be held Tuesday, June 9, via absentee ballot only.

*The Board of Education sets the actual tax rate during the summer.

3-part budget summary of expenditures

3 part budget summary of expenditures

New York State law requires that all school districts present the proposed budget in three parts: Program, Capital and Administrative.

Program (74%) includes expenses associated with instructional programs, teacher salaries and benefits, health services, transportation costs, special education, instructional supplies and equipment, and athletics.

Capital (16%) consists of maintenance costs for buildings and grounds, custodial services, utilities, capital expenses, bus purchases, and debt service.

Administrative (10%) expenses include costs associated with the superintendent’s office, board of education, financial/legal services, curriculum development, communications, BOCES administration, printing and mailing, district clerk, and school supervision.

Total: $84,539,080

3 part budget breakdown