Outstanding Programs

Primary Literacy Assessment is a program started by first grade teachers for all kindergarten through third grade students. The program expands previous assessments to record the reading and writing growth of all students during the school year.

Odyssey of the Mind promotes creative thinking and teamwork by challenging student teams to solve divergent problems in organized competitions.

The School-Wide Enrichment Program represents Spencerport’s commitment to seeing that all children are inspired and challenged to apply and extend their interests, knowledge and creative ideas by participating in a range of curriculum-based learning experiences. Currently, the district has full-time enrichment specialists in each school.

CORE (Career and Occupational Readiness Education) Development Center is a state-of-the-art resource room where students research, develop and create presentations that meet the rigorous requirements of Spencerport’s School-to-Career plan.

The Senior Project is a comprehensive research and policy development project. Many outside agencies, including Kiplinger Foundation and Harvard University, have praised the work of our seniors and adopted some of their proposals.

Service Learning Internship Program is a program where select seniors volunteer 100 hours with a service agency such as Ronald McDonald House and Alternatives for Battered Women.

Spencerport Student Athletes Care is a nationally-renowned community service volunteer program.
“This district offers excellent courses, a friendly environment, wonderful community support and a high-achieving student body.”

Stacey Shortino
High School Teacher
with the district since 1997