Budget Focus Group 2021

 Budget Focus Group via zoom  Budget Focus Group in person and zoom

Budget Focus Group gives district a taxpayer perspective

The community Budget Focus Group volunteers met four times this year to provide stakeholder opinions and perspectives during the preparation of the 2021-22 budget.

This group, consisting of parents, staff, residents, students, and civic leaders, asked great questions, offered feedback, and provided guidance on budget communications. Our sincerest thanks to:

Cory Allen
Robert Allen
Sue Chatterton
Renee Cleare
Lanette Cypher
Nelson Drake
Carol Ellis-Newell
Oriana C. Gelfuso
Kevin Hutton
Denis Johnson
Greg Kincaid
Pamela Kissel
Phillip Koyoumjian
Jamie Lissow
MIke Mayer
Kimberly McLaren
Christopher Mears
Liam Mears
Stacey Porter
Corynna Rotoli
Jonathan Saltzberg
Lori Stone
Rick Wood
Ty Zinkiewich
Karen Zyra