2022-23 Budget Proposal

 2022-23 budget proposal 

  • totals $88,042,980 and represents a year-to-year, budget-to-budget increase of $608,095, 0.70% 

New York State law requires that all school districts present the proposed budget in three parts: Program, Capital and Administrative.

  1. Program (instruction): $66,799,784 (76%)
  2. Capital (infrastructure/operation): $12,131,601 (14%)
  3. Administration: $12,131,601 (10%)

3 part budget expenditures
Program (76%) includes expenses associated with instructional programs, teacher salaries and benefits, health services, transportation costs, special education, instructional supplies and equipment, and athletics.

Capital (14%) consists of maintenance costs for buildings and grounds, custodial services, utilities, capital expenses, bus purchases, and debt service.

Administrative (10%) expenses include costs associated with the superintendent’s office, board of education, financial/legal services, curriculum development, communications, BOCES administration, printing and mailing, district clerk, and school supervision.

 Budget priorities: 

The 2022-23 budget reflects a collaborative effort with the Spencerport Central School District, Board of Education, building principals and community Budget Focus Group. Budget development begins annually in December, and the process involves a lot of teamwork and suggestions and input from stakeholders.

Every year, districts encounter new or distinct circumstances that influence budget development, and the 2022-23 process certainly has been no different. Despite these influences, our commitment to our students and community has remained unchanged:
  1. Maintain or enhance instructional programs and student opportunities
  2. Remain at or under the tax levy cap and minimize the impact on the tax rate
  3. Manage short and long-term use of reserve funds
Placing the needs of our students is always first, and never has this been more critical as we navigate the social-emotional and academic impact from the last two years. The 2022-23 budget proposal, along with the strategic use of federal stimulus funds, will assist us with addressing these needs and supporting students to meet their full potential. Among these initiatives include:


  • Smaller class sizes. Our teachers have done a remarkable job during the pandemic to keep our students learning and progressing, and the opportunity to connect has become even more imperative as we address individual student needs or learning loss. By incorporating smaller class sizes, teachers will have more opportunities to provide individualized attention and support.
  • An increase in mental health supports to best address the needs of students and families.
  • Continuing our extremely successful Universal Pre-Kindergarten program, which is designed to assist our youngest learners with academic readiness and a supportive transition to kindergarten.
  • Expanding community partnerships with local organizations such as Rochester Regional Health to enhance our mental health and social-emotional support services.
  • Building upon our technology infrastructure to best leverage the thousands of devices students have available to them for blended learning opportunities.
  • Continuing to identify improvements in curriculum and instruction including the implementation of new books for secondary English classes that represent diverse characters, authors and content.
  • Investing in ongoing safety and security improvements, based on our recent comprehensive safety study. Enhanced measures will include additional security staff, state-of-the-art camera systems, as well as evaluating single points of entry for all of our buildings in future capital improvement projects.
Classroom sizes Mental health and wellness, student doing yogaUniversal pre-K students


Students working at computers

These initiatives directly benefit students, yet are tethered to the second and third budget goals outlined above and throughout this edition of Cornerstone. While our community votes only on the expenditure plan itself, equal priority is given to fiscal accountability in planning and development. This ensures stability and sustainability for the district and its taxpayers.

Questions related to the budget proposal may be emailed to [email protected]