Board candidate Christopher Spallina

Christopher Spallina
Christopher Spallina

[email protected]

head auto technician at Gussie's Garage

two children in Spencerport schools; uncle of four district students; brother of three other siblings that still reside in the district; son of two parents who also still reside in the district

Community service:
leading and organizing district parent meetings to discuss concerns within the district

Why serve on the Board?
I would like to promote transparency for Spencerport district residents and to bring back trust that has been lost over these past few years due to resident parents and students voices and concerns going unheard. I want to give our community the confidence that we as a district are moving forward in a direction that is in the best interest of the students, parents, and district residents.

What are the top issues facing our schools?
I believe the top issues we face in our district are lack of transparency, wasteful spending, not making our children's education a priority, the limitations put on parents involvement in decision making from curriculum to personal beliefs.

What would you like people to know about you?
I am a lifelong Spencerport resident with two young children in the district. The only time I have ever spent away from the community is while serving my country in the military. I have a deep understanding of Spencerport's alternative educational programs and special education programs. I am now navigating these programs with my own child and seeing the need to advocate for not only my own, but for all kids in our community. I'm strong willed and believe in doing what's right over money or intimidation. I believe kids are our future and must be protected at all costs.