Board candidate Michael Miceli

Michael Miceli
Michael Miceli

Longbow Circle
[email protected]

Occupation: network engineer at Frontier Communications

Family: Shelby, wife; two children, Anthony and Zachary

Community service: Board of Education member for six years. In my board duties, I have served on numerous committees including: technology, audit, legislative, budget focus, labor relations, and building/facilities representation. Additionally, I have served numerous community and sports organizations in various roles.

Why serve on the Board? The Board of Education has one of the most important responsibilities in our society – helping to plan the education of the children in our community, and then effectively executing those plans. Its decisions affect the future of each of our students, the livelihoods of those the district employs, and the economic well-being of the community. In an environment where everyone has an opinion, judging and criticizing has become commonplace. Rather than just voice my opinion, I have served on the Board of Education to provide leadership, guidance, and become part of the process to affect positive change for our students. I will continue to do everything possible to help ensure that Spencerport continues to provide a superior academic experience while being fiscally responsible. I bring a unique set of skills and experiences to the district that I believe will help the collaborative processes associated with the responsibilities of serving on the board.

What are the top issues facing our schools? With the turbulence associated with the pandemic behind us and schools returning to “normal”, we need to address social, emotional, and academic deficiencies within the learning community to ensure learning gaps are identified and quickly closed. Ensuring a safe learning environment that provides a variety of academic opportunities for all students is critical. Perhaps most importantly, school districts face significant fiscal challenges that can be crippling if not managed effectively. Executing fiscally responsible plans in times of rising costs and unstable revenue from state and federal sources is crucial. Despite the fiscal challenges, we need to continue to attract and retain top educators and administrators, and make investments in infrastructure and technology, while providing a superior education for our students.

What would you like people to know about you? As I reflect on serving on the Board of Education for the last six years, I have seen areas of substantial growth and see opportunities for improvement within our schools. As an alumnus, current Spencerport resident, and a parent of two school-age children, I remain committed to supporting the best possible education for our children while being fiscally responsible. I would be honored to serve another Board of Education term for the Spencerport Central Schools.