Budget at a glance

The Board of Education has approved the 2024-25 budget proposal, which will be voted upon by our community on Tuesday, May 21. 

The proposal:

Budget arrow totals $97,206,320, 4.8% increase year to year
Budget arrow projects a 2% increase in the tax levy, which is $2.46 million below the maximum allowable levy limit with exclusions
Budget arrow is reported in three parts per NYS law and may be found in the chart below
Budget arrow reflects the priorities set by our district residents through community engagement

Budget proposal

New York State law required that all school districts report their proposed budget in three parts: Program, Capital and Administrative.

1. Program (76%) includes expenses associated with instructional programs, teacher salaries and benefits, health services, transportation costs, special education, instructional supplies and equipment and athletics.  

2. Capital (14%) consists of maintenance costs for buildings and grounds, custodial services, utilities, capital expenses, bus purchases, and debt service.

3. Administrative (10%) expenses include costs associated with the superintendent's office, board of education, financial/legal services, curriculum development, communications, BOCES administration, printing and mailing, district clerk, and school supervision.

Expenditure pie chart

Budget priorities

Per the priorities mentioned above, the objectives identified by our voters, students, staff, and families through the 2023 exit poll, Thought Exchanges, Budget Focus Group, and district meetings guided the budget decisions to prioritize:
Mrs. Shaw's class
  • academic learning
  • safety and security
  • mental health and behavioral support
  • staffing recruitment and retention

  • building maintenance and repairs

  • the potential tax impact on our residents

Anticipated revenues

The anticipated revenues from state and federal aid, local sources, tax levy, and use of reserves will be more clearly determined once New York State adopts its budget and announces specific aid figures for Spencerport. This update will be communicated on our website and in our Cornerstone newsletter in the coming days and weeks leading up to the vote on May 21.

In the meantime, our anticipated revenues are forecasted below based on the latest data we have. 

Estimated revenues in a pie chart

On the ballot


On the ballot this year, voters will consider:

Vote day photos from 2023
  • The $97.2 million 2024-25 budget expenditure plan
  • Reestablishment of a Building Capital Reserve Fund; The 2014 fund designated for this would expire, with these monies put into the 2024 fund. The fund would be for 15 years and not to exceed $25 million.
  •  Authorizing permission for the district to ask NYS for an additional 10% building aid for an Energy Performance Contract. The contract is part of energy savings improvements to reduce future energy costs and improve facilities for student use. The $4 million project, which would be approved by the school board, will have no impact on local taxes. The district will receive about 76% aid from NYS. Voter approval is required for the district to request the additional 10% in aid from the state, which would bring us to about 86%. The remainder will be paid by anticipated rebates and savings from energy efficiencies.
  • Board of Education election* There are two open seats, and they are currently held by Leah Brown and Michael Miceli. Click here to learn more about the five candidates running for these vacancies.

Important dates to remember:

  • May 7: 6 p.m. Budget hearing
  • May 21: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Budget vote in the District Office building
Please note an important correction related to the school board election. Previously, Gary Bracken announced his plans to retire from the board at the end of the school year, and our understanding was that this seat would be voted upon during the May vote. Since then, legal counsel has advised us that this information is not accurate according to New York State Education Law, and they will guide us on next steps to filling this vacancy as of July 1.