Budget Focus Group 2024

   Budget Focus Group

The 2024 Budget Focus Group initially met in late January, then convened twice monthly to review all aspects of budget development.

Volunteers, representing senior citizens, parents, and staff, provided key input and asked pointed questions throughout the process, particularly around such factors as academics, student support, town reassessments, tax levy, and overall fiscal accountability. This feedback has served as an invaluable guide for important decisions, estimated levy considerations, and communicating with our broader community. 

Thank you to:

Cory Allen, Rob Allen, Lee Arbegast, Donald Bardeen, Leah Brown, 
Sue Chatterton, Lanette Cypher, Brandon Dries, Cindy Hare, Hannah Hill, Leigh King, JoAnn Krywy, Jamie Lissow, Mike Mayer, Kimberly McLaren, Chris Mears, Mike Miceli, Carol Nellis-Ewell, Bill Ruthman, Jonathan Saltzberg, Ingél Schmidt, Mark Szewczyk, Amanda Van Huben, Pat Vicaretti, Dale Warner, Rick Wood, Mike Zale, Ty Zinkiewich, and Karen Zyra.