Budget revenues

This chart offers a summary of anticipated revenues for 2024-25. The primary sources of revenues are from state and federal aid, along with the tax levy and local revenues (sales tax). Tax levy refers to the amount of money collected from property owners within our district boundaries. 

Finally, the use of reserve funds will help to offset budget expenses. This portion is shown below under transfers/other, and funding specific expenditures with the reserves they are meant for has been instrumental toward balancing the budget and minimizing the tax impact.

Estimated revenues in a pie chart

The proposed tax levy represents a 2% increase from 2023; however, it is below the maximum allowable levy limit with exclusions of $45,914,188 (7.8%)

This means that the community vote requires a simple majority approval.
The above chart proposes a planned use of Reserves to offset specific costs and reduce the levy. The total would be $2,264,212. This funding will come from the following reserve funds:
  • Workers' compensation
  •  Unemployment
  •  Retirement contribution