Energy Performance Contract

On May 21, there will be a new proposition that we have not had before, in which voters will consider permission for the district to request additional aid.
Energy Performance Contract
Specifically, Proposition 3 seeks voter authorization to ask the state of New York for an additional 10% building aid for an Energy Performance Contract. This $4 million contract aims to improve our facilities for student use while reducing future energy costs.

An EPC project itself does not require voter approval. We anticipate that approximately 76% of the funding will come from the state, and we are asking for voter approval to request the additional 10% aid from the state, which would bring our total aid to about 86%. The remaining funds will be covered by anticipated rebates and savings from energy efficiencies.

The project will have no impact on local taxes.

On May 7, presentation on the EPC was given as part of the budget hearing. The overview may be found in the attached

  What is an Energy Performance Contract?

An EPC is an energy-related project that offers guaranteed savings on school energy costs.

The EPC will include:
  o  LED lighting upgrades, both interior and exterior, as well as occupancy and dimming controls;
  o  High efficiency boilers;
  o  Building envelopes (insulation and weatherization);
  o  Temperature/building controls upgrades.

  EPC is not part of our capital project

The work under the Energy Performance Contract will be completed outside of the district’s capital improvement project, which was approved by voters in 2022. Doing so will allow the district to reallocate a portion of the capital project budget to address priority capital needs, such as the secured vestibules, etc.

While a referendum vote is not required for the district to perform the EPC, the district must ask district residents if they would like to have New York State provide an additional 10 percent aid toward the cost of the self-funded energy upgrades.