Proposed expenditure plan

New York State law required that all school districts report their proposed budget in three parts: Program, Capital and Administrative.

1. Program (76%) includes expenses associated with instructional programs, teacher salaries and benefits, health services, transportation costs, special education, instructional supplies and equipment and athletics.  

2. Capital (14%) consists of maintenance costs for buildings and grounds, custodial services, utilities, capital expenses, bus purchases, and debt service.

3. Administrative (10%) expenses include costs associated with the superintendent's office, board of education, financial/legal services, curriculum development, communications, BOCES administration, printing and mailing, district clerk, and school supervision.

Expenditure pie chart

  What is (and is not) in the budget proposal
  • First and foremost, we understand the importance of maintaining appropriate staffing levels to address class sizes. Therefore, we have kept last year's staffing and have even added one pre-K section to accommodate the needs of our youngest learners.
Classroom sizes
  •  Additionally, we recognize the crucial role of school counselors and social workers in supporting our students' well-being. That is why we have included the additions of a school counselor and social worker in this budget.

School counselor and social worker

  • Special education and behavioral specialist services are vital for our students' success. This budget often fluctuates with our student population and needs, yet it is necessary funding to mention here given the BOCES program costs and services.
Special education
  • To ensure the most effective use of resources, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the Teacher on Special Assignment positions connected to federal stimulus funding. Yet, as we mentioned earlier, these positions will return to the classroom with no change to staffing in order to accommodate class sizes and support instruction.
TOSA return to classroom
  • We understand the importance of retaining and attracting qualified faculty and staff. Contracts have been prioritized to be competitive, alleviate shortages and ensure that we have the best educators in our classrooms.
Attract and retain staff
  • Related to operational costs, addresses the general maintenance and repairs that need to occur annually. It also includes the addition of a maintenance mechanic to focus on the beautification and upkeep of our schools, since these tasks are often postponed for more urgent projects. 
Addition of maintenance employee
  • School bus replacement is reflected in the proposal; however, this budget includes our ongoing bus replacement and is not connected to the zero-emission buses. There are no such buses in this budget.
school bus replacement
  • Lastly, safety and security remain at the top of our list, and this budget supports an enhanced visitor system, camera replacements, and our newly hired internal security team.
Security team and equipment

   Capital Outlay Project
Aerial view of campus
The 2024-25 Budget includes a proposed transfer for $100,000 to a Capital Fund for an outlay project.

New York State allows districts to receive building aid for one capital outlay project per year on expenses up to $100,000. This aid would be reimbursed in the following year. 

Spencerport is currently working with our architectural firm to develop a project that may include renovation or replacement of lighting, flooring, doors and door hardware, plumbing, masonry, or fire control systems.