School board race

Board of Education election

Two open seats* on the Board of Education will be up for election this year, and those openings are currently held by Leah Brown and Michael Miceli.

The elected terms will serve from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2027.

Please note an important correction related to the school board election. Previously, Gary Bracken announced his plans to retire from the board at the end of the school year, and our understanding was that this seat would be voted upon during the May vote. Since then, legal counsel has advised us that this information is not accurate according to New York State Education Law, and they will guide us on next steps to filling this vacancy as of July 1.

Board candidates

There are five candidates running for two openings on the school board. Member Leah Brown has decided not to seek another term, so we would like to publicly thank Leah for her volunteerism and service to our district.

Each candidate submitted information about themselves, as well as their reasons for running. Each profile appears here according to ballot order and may be found by clicking on their names.

Jonathan Schallmo
Michael Miceli, incumbent
Trisha Buscemi
Thomas J Weaver
Brandon Dries