Brandon Dries

Brandon Dries

Brandon Dries

Occupation: Chief Financial Officer, Indus Hospitality Group
Family: Julie, wife; children, McKenzie (Kindergarten/Bernabi), Patrick (Future Ranger)

Community Service: Spencerport School District Audit Committee (2016-Present), Spencerport School District Budget Focus Group (2024)

Why serve on the board of education? I believe in quality education, and the Board directly contributes to the success of current and future students. As a father of two, I am invested in this community and motivated to support the rich history of our Spencerport School District. I believe my professional experience in accountancy, finance, and senior leadership will enable me to contribute positively to the Board and its operations. 

The current board members come from a range of professions. I believe my career experience can contribute to a diversified Board, which enables informed and well-rounded decision making. My experience on the School District’s Audit Committee and Budget Focus Group has given me a fundamental understanding of our school and its operations, which will support a smooth transition to the Board of Education if I am elected.

What are the top issues facing our schools? 1) Identifying and supporting students with the right resources to ensure everyone has an opportunity to succeed. 2) Retaining/developing teachers and faculty who deliver excellence in the classroom and through extracurricular activities. 3) Proposing financially responsible school budgets.

Because of the nature of our district’s operations, we are subject to changing costs and inflationary pressures. Like many schools, we face constant challenges in allocating resources effectively. As we discuss and evaluate instructional resources, facilities, technology, extracurricular activities, or other responsibilities, we must do so with public confidence that our decisions reflect the priorities noted above. Our decisions must ultimately align with the best interests of our students, in partnership with our faculty, while maintaining the trust and confidence of our community.

What would you like people to know about you? We spend a lot of time together as a family in the yard, playing sports, biking, and going for ice cream! You can find us on the canal in the summer and sledding in town during the winter.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to put my business expertise and personal passion for the community to work for the benefit of the Spencerport School District.