Jonathan Schallmo

Jonathan D. Schallmo

Jonathan Schallmo

Occupation: Pastor and Minister of Music

Family: Lindsay, wife; children Connor, Annalee, Logan, Rosemary

Community Service: Canal View Association, Spencerport Equity Committee, Spencerport Music Association, Robert Dean Chorale, Spencerport Jr. Ranger Baseball.

Why serve on the board of education? There are many things that make Spencerport schools great. One of the crucial factors of our great schools is strong community support. The success of a school board begins with representing the community. It is my goal to actively listen to and to collaborate with our diverse community and educators, to provide the best opportunities for our students and resources for our educators. These beliefs not only drive my current engagement in our schools, but also fuel my desire to serve the schools further as part of the Board of Education. In essence, by embodying these values and actively engaging with our community, I am committed to continuing the excellence of Spencerport schools.

What are the top issues facing our schools? In an ever-changing economy it is important to focus on responsible budgeting and how it will impact the school programs and community taxes.

The most important function of the school board is to focus on "the why.” “The why” is our students; leveling the playing field for all, providing a safe learning environment, eliminating bullying, and reducing the negative impact of social media.  

What would you like people to know about you? As a candidate for SCSD Board of Education, I do not underestimate my responsibility to represent you - the community member. I have an undergraduate degree in K-12 music education, and I spent time working in finance before earning a master’s in leadership and music. My current position as a Pastor and Music Minister, and my background in education and finance aid in my interactions with people and in the decisions that I make every day. My journey has been defined by fostering genuine connections among people and organizations, it has been geared toward the common goal of community betterment. The main goal of the school board is to support the students. To do this effectively, the school board, in collaboration with educators and community members, should be involved and aware of everything that is happening in our schools. This represents my vision of what every school board member should be contributing.

I have met many people who have had the privilege of being born and raised here in Spencerport. My wife Lindsay and I have chosen to raise our children here and we find it an equally great honor to call Spencerport our home.