Trisha Buscemi

Trisha Buscemi

 Trisha Buscemi

Occupation: Fifteen years of experience as an Information Technology Recruiter; eleven of those years working for Wegmans Food Markets, and most recently for Solü Technology Partners, a national technology staffing company. Currently free-lance as a Career Coach, specializing in assisting early career job seekers.

Family: Eric Buscemi (SHS Class of ’00), husband; children, Mya (8th grade) and Lucas (6th grade).

Community Service: Vice President, Bernabi Elementary Parents Association, 6/2018 through 6/2023. Member of the following Spencerport Central School District committees: Superintendent Search Committee and the Extended COVID Response Team. Currently a member of the Spencerport Central School District Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA).

Why serve on the board of education? After five years of serving as Vice President of the Bernabi Parents Association I'm looking for new ways to contribute to the school community. I want to be a voice for parents if I'm fortunate enough to obtain a position on the Board of Education. 

I have really enjoyed my career as an IT Recruiter, a job where I was responsible for assessing and hiring numerous college students for internships. I believe this experience would be an asset in the role of Board Member because I know what skills employers are looking for. I would use that knowledge to help inform any decisions we're making regarding career readiness programs for our students.

I’m also a passionate advocate for parents and students seeking support through Special Education Services. I have seen first-hand how the support our schools provide can help our students thrive. I’d like to use my voice with a position on the board to advocate for the needs of all of our students. 

What are the top issues facing our schools? There are several challenging issues facing our schools today. One of the most pressing challenges is maintaining a balanced school budget amidst increasing costs. It's essential to prioritize fiscal responsibility while safeguarding essential programs and services.

Ensuring school safety is also paramount, and addressing behavioral issues requires a collaborative approach from the entire community to create a supportive and secure learning environment for all students.

I also believe it's crucial to prioritize the social, emotional, and mental well-being of our students and provide sufficient staffing to effectively meet their diverse needs.

Finally, I think focusing on continuously improving communication between parents, teachers, staff, administrators, and the community is key to our school district’s success. 

What would you like people to know about you? Before we bought our house in Spencerport, I had never been to our town. I grew up in Greece and never ventured this far west! My husband went to school here and I am so glad we chose Spencerport as our home, where our children have been fortunate to learn from many talented, caring educators. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the faculty and staff in our schools and the difference they make each day.

Finally, I believe in listening to all viewpoints with an open mind and working to find common ground. Putting students first is at the core of my beliefs, and I would be committed to advocating for their needs throughout my tenure on the board.