Board of Education Policies

Board Policy Forward and Philosophy Statement

Policies are divided by Section, as shown below:

Section 1000 By-Laws Organization of the Board of Education
Nomination and Election of Board of Education Members
The Role of the Board of Education
Board Policy
Meetings of the Board of Education
Meetings of the District
Rules of Meetings
Section 2000 Internal Operations Internal Operations
Board of Education Committees
Board of Education Activities
Section 3000 Community Relations School Community Relations
Participation by The Public
District Records
Public Order on School Property
Emergency Situations
Section 4000 Administration Administration
Administrative Operations
Central Office and Building Administration
Compensation and Related Benefits
Section 5000 Non-Instructional/Business Operations Budget
Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
Non-Instructional Operations
Section 6000 Personnel Personnel
Certificated Personnel
Support Staff
Compensation and Related Benefits
Section 7000 Students Attendance
Student Progress
Student Conduct
Student Activities
Student Welfare
Students with Disabilities
Section 8000 Instruction Curriculum (General)
Elementary and Secondary Instruction
Instructional Materials
Instructional Arrangements