COVID 19 resources and updates

COVID 19 updates and resources

The Spencerport Central School District continues to work diligently to ensure the health and safety of our learning community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We created this section of our website to provide helpful resources, as well as important updates on our efforts for the 2020-21 school year. Please continue to check these pages regularly for the latest news and information.

April 2021: updates

 right pointing arrow April 30: Reopening plans - revised (6-8) submitted to NYS 
 right pointing arrow Frequently Asked Questions: SCSD
 right pointing arrow April 9: Updated guidance from NYS

March 2021: updates

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March 26: MC superintendents urge NYS to issue updated guidance

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Frequently Asked Questions
 right pointing arrow Board and Superintendent advocate to NYS for updated health and safety guidelines
 right pointing arrow Work of our Reopening Task Force and K-5 ad hoc committee
 right pointing arrow Revised reopening plan submitted to New York State

February 2021: Vaccination survey of staff

School districts across Monroe County have been encouraged to survey their staff to gauge who has received or intends to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. To support that effort, a voluntary Vaccination Survey has been conducted with the following results as of Feb. 9:

 Have you received the COVID-19 vaccination?
  • 30% (165) of staff indicated they have received one dose.
  • 4% (21) have received both doses of the vaccine.
  •  66% (363) indicated they have not received the vaccine.

Do you plan on receiving the COVID-19 vaccination as soon you are able to schedule an appointment?
  • 84% (427) of staff indicated they intend to get the vaccine as soon as an appointment is available.
  •  16% (81) indicated they do not intend to get a vaccine.
If you are planning on receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, do you have a scheduled appointment?
  • 57% (295) have scheduled an appointment
  • 30% (157) do not have an appointment, but plan on receiving the vaccine.
  • 13% (67) do not plan on receiving the vaccine.

Click below to:

Get Rapid Tested

Help stop the spread of COVID by going to one of Monroe County's FREE rapid testing sites. Appointments can be made at this link,

Rapid test schedule

Find a test site near you

NEW Quarantine guidelines

As of late December 2020, NYS updated its COVID-19 quarantine guidance to align with the latest CDC recommendations.

Under the new guidelines, people exposed to COVID-19 will be asked to quarantine for 10 days, rather than the previous 14 days. This quarantine can end after 10 days with no testing required.

Affected individuals are asked to monitor for symptoms for an additional 4 days and to self isolate should any symptoms develop.

Example COVID testing consent form

NYS flowchart for students with COVID 19 symptoms 

Notable among the updates is that students who are sent home for symptoms that may be COVID will need testing only at the discretion of their health care provider.)

Sept.: SCSD Handbook for Return to School

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