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For more information about COVID-19, including state and federal guidance, as well as specific information on symptoms, transmission, prevention and treatment, you can visit:

New York Forward: State guide to reopening

October 2020: 
The Monroe County Department of Public Health developed addendums to help clarify the most recent state guidelines and assist with implementation.

The county DOH also has communicated to districts that symptomatic students and staff members MUST consult with a health care provider AND receive an alternate diagnosis OR negative test result within 48 hours of symptom onset. Students and staff members who do not meet these criteria will be placed in isolation as though they received a positive result. These individuals must be reported to the MCDPH

NYS Toolkit Part A Addendum
NYS Toolkit Part B Addendum
NYS Toolkit Part C Addendum

Federal Government Resources:
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  » What you need to know: symptoms
  » Cases in the United States
  » Helping communities respond (childcare, schools and youth)
  » Face coverings and protecting yourself

  » Daily Life and Going Out

Parent Resources

For Parents

Managing stress and anxiety

Fact sheets from COVID-19 Health Literacy Project with Harvard Health Publishing.

  »  About COVID -19

  »  Preventing the spread of COVID-19

  »  Talking about COVID-19, ages 3-6

  »  Talking about COVID-19, ages 6-12

  »  Talking about COVID-19, ages 13-18

More resources:

  »  Just for Kids: a comic exploring COVID-19 (NPR)

  »  Talking to children about COVID-19
Resources from local and state health agencies:
» Monroe County Health Department
» NYS Health Department
» Sign up for NYS COVID-19 Updates
» Novel Coronavirus Hotline:
   (888) 364-3065