21 Day Racial Equity Challenge

This year, United Way has joined a coalition of local leaders committed to learning and acting to create a more equitable community for all. The 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge is an opportunity for adult participants to continue their own personal growth to develop a deeper understanding of and willingness to confront racism, bias and other social inequities. This directly aligns with the efforts of the Spencerport Central School District over the past three years around Culturally Responsive Education.

The challenge is self-directed, geared for adults, however secondary students may decide to participate independently. This is optional and completely free, and will run from Oct. 23- Nov. 20. Participants may opt in at any time, and will receive an email every weekday with links to recommended articles, videos, podcasts, reflections and more. 

Topics will range from understanding bias to building a race equity culture. Education is the first step and as a district we have elected to participate in this event. If you are interested in learning more or joining this challenge, please visit this link,


Oct. 23: Day 1

Gaps between racial groups
Oct. 24: Day 2

Exploring Bias
Oct. 25: Day 3

The meaning of privilege
Oct. 28: Day 4 Oct. 29: Day 5 Oct. 30: Day 6
 Talking about Race Levels of Racism Race and Discrimination
Nov. 2: Day 7  Nov. 3: Day 8  Nov. 4: Day 9 
From Trauma to Healing  Housing Inequity How racism impacts your health
 Nov. 5: Day 10  Nov. 6: Day 11 Nov. 9: Day 12 
Environmental Justice  Racial Wealth Gap Behind the starting line
 Nov. 10: Day 13  Nov. 11: Day 14 Nov. 12: Day 15 
 Adverse Childhood Experiences  Education and school age children  A Tale of Two Citites
 Nov. 13: Day 16  Nov. 16: Day 17 Nov. 17: Day 18 
 Opportunity  Building a race equity culture Being an ally 
Nov. 18: Day 19  Nov. 19: Day 20 Nov. 20: Day 21
  RACIAL EQUITY CHANGE PROCESS Racial Equity Lens   Committed to Equity