FAQs from parents/community


We have compiled a list of questions received from our parents that may be helpful to all. If you have a question, please email info@spencerportschools.org and we will make every effort to answer them. Thank you.

Q: If you open April 1st will spring break be affected?
At this time, the New York State Department of Education has not provided guidance with information regarding the scheduling of Spring Recess.

Q: Did not receive robo call or email from the district.
1. Make sure our calls or emails are not “blocked”
2. Check clutter, junk or deleted boxes for end filters.
3. Email your school’s main office for updates to contact information. The Infinite Campus database feeds the system we use to send communications. Any updates need to be changed in IC.
4. If we need to troubleshoot further, we will work with the school.
5. All letters or email communications have been posted on our website, including translations.

Q: Do you know what the school code/login is for schoology? For the parents to log in?
Here are the steps students can use to reach Schoology from home:
Students can access Schoology using these steps:
1. Go to home.spencerportschools.org
2. When prompted, log in using the username "jdoe123@students.spencerportschools.org" (replace jdoe with the student's first initial, last name, 3 digit number)
3. At our Intranet homepage, find and click on the Schoology icon.

Q: Where do we contact for assistance with technology while we are at home?
Students and parents who need assistance with technology should call the Tech. Help Desk between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. A member of our Computer Services Team will be able to offer their assistance.

Web Help Desk: 585-349-5106

Q: Our house does not have WiFi connectivity, so what do we do?

Spectrum has proposed two months of free internet service for houses with school aged children. This offer began on March 16.

To enroll in this program, you can call 1-844-488-8395. Please note that installation fees will be waived for new student households.

Families may also call our technology department at 349-5106 if you do not have internet access at home.

Q: Are New York State 3-8 Assessments impacted by the mandatory school closings?

The New York State Department of Education has informed school districts that the administration of Grade 3-8 ELA tests have been suspended. The Office of State Assessment will continue to communicate with schools and districts as more information becomes available. During the time of closure, schools need not focus on State assessments and can devote their efforts toward local school and community needs.

Q: What is the status of cap and gown orders for Jostens?
The high school remains in contact with Jostens, and will provide an update when information becomes available.

Q: What is the status of summer Driver's Ed?
Driver ed is not canceled for summer as of yet. All Community Education classes have been postponed until further notice. Any new enrollments you can register for the wait list. We are doing this so people can register to save their place without having to pay in cash or credit now.

Q: Has the 8th grade Boston trip been canceled?
As of now the trip has not been cancelled. Cosgrove has reached out to our travel company for an update.