2024-25 Budget Focus Group

2024-25 Budget Focus Group needs volunteers
Please consider volunteering for the 2024-25 Spencerport Budget Focus Group.

The volunteer group, made up of senior citizens, parents, staff, civic leaders, administrators and students, meets six times during the course of the budget development process and provides feedback to the district on such areas as revenues, expenses, state aid, tax levy, and tax rate.

BFG members, Kimberly McLaren (parent) and Karen Zyra (resident and parent of graduates) offered the following insights into serving.

   "The Budget Focus Group has been a rewarding experience, it is a great way to gain an understanding of the district’s past decisions and a spending plan for its future. It allows an inside look into how our financial decisions align with educational goals and brings clarity to those that want to understand them, while taking into account the unique perspectives of our local business members, parents, students, and community."
  Kimberly McLaren  
  "I've been a part of the Budget Focus Group for 5 years and I look forward to the invite every year.

I always come away feeling that I'm part of our district-community. I'm asked for input and feedback while connecting with other parents and faculty on some of the tough fiscal decisions our district has to make. Our school administrators are very open and clear in these meetings when helping us understand how the district dollars are spent and where the greatest needs are.

I made some assumptions before joining this group, many of which were wrong and I'm now able to help my neighbors and friends understand a little more about the process and the importance to vote!  We also have some fun when we meet, breaking up into work groups--literally creating a tax level proposal in one of the sessions. I consider myself very lucky to be a part the BFG and would love to see more people join. Your voice will be heard and I promise you'll learn something new."
   Karen Zyra  

The Budget Focus Group meets at 6 p.m. on Tuesdays in the District Office building. The BFG meeting dates are as follows:

  • Checkpoint I – Jan. 24 
    - Introduction to developing a school budget

  • Checkpoint II – Feb. 13
    - Review revenue (property tax, state aid projections, local sources)
    - Review tax cap implications
    - Current state and emerging challenges and opportunities

  • Checkpoint III – Feb. 27
    - Review expenditures
    - Provide input as we approach the midpoint of budget development

  • Checkpoint IV – Mar. 12
    - Review expenditures
    - Discussion of NYS budget development and implications for the district
  • Checkpoint V – Mar. 26
    - Discussion regarding current budget status
    - Discussion of NYS budget development and implications for the district

  • Checkpoint VI – Apr. 9
    - Superintendent’s proposal for the 2024-25 budget
    - Communication plan for informing the community

Please contact Marcy Clapper, assistant to the superintendent, at 585-349-5101 or [email protected] if you are interested in serving on this committee.