Community approves 2020-21 budget

Community approves 2020-21 budget
We want to thank you, our community of voters, for approving the 2020-21 school budget, and election of three board candidates.

• Proposition 1: the 2020-21 budget of $84,539,080: 2,449 in favor (68.3%) and 1,139 opposed (31.7%).

• The three candidates elected to the Board of Education are: David Gibbardo (1,571), Kate Czarnecki (1,377); and Lori Stone (1,245). The unsuccessful candidates received votes as follows: Christopher Ferrari (1,153), Karen Zyra (1,071), Michael Mayer (950), Denis Johnson Jr. (922), Randal Weaver (610) and Zachary Miller (390).

Superintendent Dan Milgate expressed his appreciation to Spencerport’s community, district staff, and Budget Focus Group.

“I am very appreciative of the community participating in this year’s budget vote and taking time to complete and send in absentee ballots.THANK YOU!”

The Spencerport Central School District Spreadsheet may be found at this link.