K-5 FAQs on the 4-day return

K-5 FAQs on the 4-day return
Why did you opt for a 4 day return and not 5? 

The recommendation to move to four days doubles the current model and Wednesdays will be used for planning, staff training, designing lessons, and refining curriculum. More specifically, it will include the following:

• Supporting new teachers for added sections who have not taught that grade level previously with learning the curriculum, planning and preparing for daily lessons, learning about their new students (social/emotional needs and academic needs, including previous assessments), supporting teammates with establishing classroom management routines and environment, use of technology, parent communication, differentiation to meet the needs of all learners, assessments, etc. 

Planning SEL lessons or other instructional lessons as a team where teachers will rotate to support maintaining a connection with their original teacher and easing the transition

Continued collaboration and meeting with remote teachers to align instruction for hybrid and remote learners, as well as plan and prepare all materials for parent pick up dates.

PD for teachers for curriculum, programs, technology, etc.

Collaboration with teammates and team leaders to adjust curriculum maps due to loss of time so we are providing students with the most effective and essential learning possible

Meetings with additional support staff who have been reassigned to organize support and lessons for students effectively.

Will the remote classes be condensed with this change?

No. We still have approximately 180 students learning remotely.

What will the new Wednesdays look like?

Teachers and principals are developing plans for Wednesdays, ensuring that the time allotment is age appropriate and that there are expectations for each grade level.

Why not start sooner?

Schools will utilize the next two Wednesdays, March 24 and April 7, to further prepare for our students instructional return (see above bullets). The K-5 ad hoc committee overwhelmingly agreed that they wanted to make this return as smooth and successful as possible for students, and this time is also necessary for our operations departments to:

  • configure student capacity and physical distancing for our school buses,
  • assign buses,
  • prepare drop off and pick up procedures for families providing individual transportation,
  • inventory our food and meal supplies for our breakfasts and lunches,
  • determine additional staffing needs for our cafeterias, lunch periods,
  • pull our student desks and furniture out of storage to clean and place in classrooms and new spaces.

How will the additional sections/groups be filled?

Additional sections, or pods, will be filled by intervention specialists. Teaching assistants may be used to help support a learning pod.

Here is a clip from the parent forum on why the additional groups and teachers are needed.

How many remote students are there?

There are 3 remote teachers in each elementary building, and they educate 180 students districtwide.


Will students and staff continue to wear their masks?

In terms of Spencerport's approach with masks, our expectation is that students and staff will continue to wear them since it they have proven to be an effective mitigation measure and we don't want to disrupt our momentum of a full return. This expectation is based on the CDC, NYSDOH and MCDPH health guidelines which remains in effect, and it is reinforced in the plan that Spencerport submitted to NYSED.


Will vaccinations have an impact on reopening sooner?

No. Local and state health departments advise that access to vaccinations should not be considered a condition for reopening schools for in-person instruction.


AS of March 18, an anonymous survey of our Spencerport staff indicates that:

  • About 45% of our teachers have completed their vaccines
  • About 25% of our non-teaching staff have completed their vaccines