Nov. 18: COVID update from the superintendent

Nov. 18: COVID update from the superintendent

I am writing with an important mid-week update, and hope you will take time to review this message completely.

  • Starting today, we will begin sending one, weekly COVID update on Wednesdays. We are adjusting this approach, knowing that our families receive multiple emails from us each week and attempting to streamline these notices into one. Of course we will make exceptions and notify our learning community with any urgent information or news as needed.
  • The weekly COVID email will inform our families of any new cases. We will no longer send the almost-daily notices for every case.

  • Contact tracers with the Monroe County Department of Public Health will notify the district and continue to call families directly if the need arises. As always, if you do not receive a phone call, that’s a good thing!

  • Families who prefer to monitor new cases of COVID more frequently may still visit the home page of our website at where we will maintain an updated listing from the MCDPH. School districts are required to update the NYS COVID-19 Report Card daily. This information can be found at

  • As we shared last week, Spencerport is not designated in the Yellow Zone, yet we remain proactive in our planning should our status change. Part of our preparations have included:

    • Attending all virtual meetings with the county and the MCDPH’s Dr. Michael Mendoza, to stay well-informed on infection rates, New York state directives, and any subsequent guidance.

    • Familiarizing ourselves with the simple, non-invasive COVID test that schools in the Yellow Zone must administer. Spencerport does not qualify to receive these kits since we are not in the Yellow Zone, however it is still important for us to understand what the test entails and identify plans for potential implementation. If you have not had a chance to view Dr. Mendoza’s demonstration of the school test, please watch the video on our website.

    • Determining a process to obtain parental consent if we need to begin administering COVID tests. New York State and Monroe County agree that schools are doing a great job in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and yet infection rates are still increasing in our region. The districts in a Yellow Zone are required to test 20% of in-person students, teachers, administrators and staff over a two-week period following yellow zone designation. We are hopeful our community stays below this threshold and will not need to test, however to be prepared, we have developed a survey consent form for parents just in case. If you would like to see this sample survey, please visit

The good news is that today the MCDPH reported no new positive COVID-19 cases for our Spencerport Central School District. 

Finally, we’d like to thank you. Your ongoing diligence through this pandemic has been crucial to our ability to remain open and available for our students. The stress of this year has been like no other, and we thank you for working with us to keep everyone healthy. Please continue to mask up, stay distanced, report symptoms, and practice healthy hygiene.

Dan Milgate
Superintendent of Schools