Reminder: summer capital work

Reminder: summer capital work and road closure

A reminder that many projects within our 2022 Capital Improvement Project will continue into the summer months.

There will be a complete road replacement from the north end of Bernabi Rd. to the intersection of Trowbridge and Ranger Rd. (The affected area is highlighted in orange.) 

The area will be officially closed on June 26. The route highlighted in yellow shows how to access Canal View. In addition, the following work is slated to be done this summer:
  • Taylor Elementary: nurses room and hallway
    Rooftop unit, HVAC replacement
  • Bernabi Elementary: vestibule, storage and hallway work, and road/parking lot work

  •  Munn Elementary: playgrounds, roof work
  • High School: west sidewalks, east parking lot,
    roof work
Please plan accordingly.

Campus map of road closure