Statement: Police Chief and SCSD Superintendent

Joint statement from OPD Police Chief and SCSD Superintendent
We wanted to come together to make this joint statement today, as we hope that it will be a reflection of our close-knit community of Spencerport.

The Spencerport School District and Ogden Police Department have an established, longstanding partnership that has withstood the best of times, as well as the most challenging of times such as like in this year of 2020. 

It is important for us to remain unified, and therefore we wanted you to know that we have been in constant communication. We feel that:

this is a process, and we must follow all appropriate steps to ensure the integrity of this personnel investigation;
The differences in opinions are clear, and it is certainly an example of the free speech we all cherish in this country; 
people may have disagreements, but they are still your friends and neighbors.
our responsibility as educators and police officers is to respect the ability to peacefully protest.

With the latter, we understand that there are peaceful protests planned for this evening, and we encourage participants to remain respectful. We also ask that any protestors maintain the boundaries established by our security team and OPD in order to ensure the safety of all involved on our school property. 

We love our Spencerport community, and want you to know we will get through this together.

Christopher Mears
Chief of Police
Ogden Police Department
Dan Milgate