Talking to children about traumatic events

Resources for talking to children about traumatic events

With the news coverage of war in Israel this weekend, we wanted to reach out to our learning community, especially those with connections to or struggling with the events as they unfold. Please reach out to our counselors or administrators for support if needed.

In addition, we strongly encourage families to have conversations with their students to address any concerns they may have about what they have seen online, in the news and from their peers. There is no easy way to have these discussions, but you may find the following resource from the National Association of School Psychologists to be helpful.

Lastly, any time violence touches our lives, it may elicit feelings of trauma or loss. These are normal reactions. Inform your child’s teacher or counselor if there is additional information the school should be aware of so we can provide the support your child needs. This link provides resources and contact information from our Family Support Center.

Thank you for your compassion and for supporting those who need us most in these increasingly difficult times.

Helping children cope with traumatic events